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December 2022

In this artistic exploration, we delve into a world where food isn't just sustenance—it's a battlefield. Eating habits become a manifestation of a complex struggle, an intersection of self-identity, societal pressures, and familial misunderstanding. This struggle often cloaks itself in the shadows of depression and eating disorders, their roots intertwined in a labyrinth of emotions and experiences often unseen behind the facade of daily life.

The project highlights the critical importance of intimacy, a human need that extends far beyond the realm of romantic relationships. It carves out a safe space within familial connections, fostering a platform for empathy and understanding. Yet, societal misunderstanding and familial ignorance can sometimes warp this safety net into a snare, intensifying feelings of isolation and misunderstanding.

The embodiment of an eating disorder is not confined to the mind but also ensnares the body, creating a jarring dissonance between internal turmoil and external appearance. This embodiment experience is vividly captured in the series, forming a poignant narrative of this deeply personal battle.

An increasingly digital world adds a new dimension to this complex landscape. The project critiques the role of digital media in perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, shedding light on its unintentional yet profound contribution to an environment where eating disorders can thrive.


Taking a cue from Judith Butler's theory of gender performativity, the series navigates the intricate intersection of gender, societal expectations, and eating disorders. It lays bare the often-overlooked question of the roles we're assigned and the performances we put on, frequently to the detriment of our mental health in between generations.

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