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March, 2019

Sense World Series

March, 2018

Sense World Series is a personal project in relating to transfer the self-healing process of allergic rhinitis to a series of illustration design. 


My parents named me Zhou Yi, the same name as the book of changes. Therefore, some thoughts in the book of changes influence my painting style imperceptibly.

In my early years, I had a weak respiratory system and very severe allergic rhinitis. Every spring and autumn, I would be the pain of the last gasp.

This series of illustrations is based on my exploration of life and sensory system during my illness. The four great gods are respectively in charge of the four senses of human beings. I tried to illustrate the actual universe inside the body by combining the ideological principles such as the unity of heaven and man in the book of changes and the nature of Taoism.



In terms of the composition of the illustration, I set the four gods as the main body to stabilize the inner senses, which are in charge of the perception system including vision, smell, hearing, and taste. In terms of the design of these gods, I referred to different elements on the ancient Dunhuang frescoes and made the design of the first draft by drawing lines.


"There were ancient villages, perched on the back of birds."


That's why I put the whole ancient village on the rosefinch. Here, the pavilion of the ancient town in the south is used as the basis of the overall image. Meanwhile, with the help of the harmonious relationship between walls and clouds from different angles, I tried to create a romantic atmosphere of harmony between nature and creatures.


Initialy, I intended to outline with black marker, to restore a simple organic mood. However, when I saw this painting of the zhou dynasty gave me the inspiration to carry out a series of experimental attempts, and finally chose to paint the Yin part of the picture with photoshop, and keep the Yang part with the lines.

Experiment & Sketch 



Original nature elements.png

Extract the organic mountain, stone, tree, and other elements in the illustration and rearranged them to form a new digital image, visualizing every single element in a playful way.

Digitalized elements.png
poster design.png
package design.png

The vivid blue and red color combination have more emotional tension, which makes the composition with romantic colors and smooth lines pop up.

This part of the extended goods design could be emphasized in a more commercial value way, and it is also one of the most satisfying works I completed in university.

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