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The Little Swan

January, 2021

The Little Swan is a brand identity illustration project that I've developed in collaboration with China Holiland Food Co., LTD. It's been an exciting journey of reviving the symbolic figure of the Black Swan, synonymous with the company, and weaving a narrative around it.

The project started with a single idea: to breathe life into the company's logo by updating the figure of the little swan. This wasn't just about creating a visually appealing icon; it was about capturing a story, a memory. The illustration of the baby swan and his mother was a visual ode to the personal story of the company's CEO Luo Hong.

As a young boy, Luo's mother would save money to buy him a birthday cake, despite their financial struggles. This simple act of love sowed the seed of an ambition in him: to create a company that would make cakes affordable for every Chinese family. His favorite animal, the swan, became the symbol of his company.

The little swan in my illustration is not merely a representation of Luo's favorite bird but a symbol of his journey, the love of his mother, and the aspirations that came to life. It captures the essence of the Luo's passion for his work and connection with swans, which he has beautifully documented through his photography over the years.

With The Little Swan project, I aimed to translate this inspiring narrative into a visual form, creating a brand identity that is not just recognizable, but also deeply personal and meaningful. I hope that when people see the baby swan and his mother, they see the love, the struggle, and the dream that form the core of this remarkable company.

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