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June, 2020

For the 150th anniversary of the Duvel beer brand, I had the honor of crafting a themed illustration that combines the rich heritage of the brand with the essential elements of beer production. The concept, Duvel, is inspired by the name of the brand itself, which means 'devil' in Belgian.

The devil, traditionally associated with mischief and rebellion, provided a unique perspective to illustrate the audacity of the brand. This choice was not just about linguistic connection, but about embodying the spirit of Duvel – its bold flavors, its strength, and its unique character.

My goal was to create a visual representation that is not only a celebration of Duvel's 150-year legacy, but also a tribute to the intricate process of brewing. So, I embarked on a journey to depict the various substances and elements that come together to make beer - the barley, the water, the hops, and the yeast.

In the illustration, the devil and the ingredients of beer production come together to form an interconnected narrative, a story of craftsmanship and legacy. I hope this illustration not only commemorates Duvel's remarkable 150-year journey but also ignites the same sense of audacity and passion that Duvel brings to its craft.

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