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Do Do

December 2019

Do Do is a printed zine.

It started from the research of colonisation of an island.


When I first came to the Natural History Museum of Oxford University, I was attracted by the dodo birds standing in the window. I could not imagine that once they were all over Mauritius, but finally extinct.


‘dodo’ in the Mauritian Creole language also means ‘sleep’


Dodo was identified as almost 70-90 centimeters in length which makes me design the character to be double-height in comparison to human beings. 

dodo family living together
资源 53.png
资源 6.png
资源 7.png
资源 8.png
资源 9.png
资源 10.png

By putting this one paper folding zine into the handmade shell, I attempt to emphasize the feeling of being locked into a cage.

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