Deer and me

July 2018


Deer and Me is a biographical graphic novel designed by the image of my childhood memories. It tells the story between the Deer in my spiritual realm (a metaphor for fiction) and my vibrant self-identity as a sensitive young teenager who has been always bored of the education-oriented society background. Materials include watercolors and pencils.


I was born in Jiangsu, a province that attaches great importance to exam-oriented education. Class rankings sometimes become the sole criterion for excellence.

I have never done well in school. My parents and relatives blamed my obsession with fictions for my inability to concentrate on my homework.

sketch of deer and plant.png

Of all the animals, I love the deer best. Perhaps the role of the beast god in Princess Mononoke was too deeply rooted in my mind. As a young teenager, I always believed that there was a deer by my side.

I found it nonsense to answer those questions my teachers asked even though I failed the exam. 

It turns out to release those stress from school toward fiction and horror films, even if no one in the real world recognizes me, I can still find a sense of identity acceptance from the author.


Whenever I read a book, I can't help but turn myself into the protagonist. The little people drawn by these markers are the main characters of the past. I always believe that there is a deer living in my spiritual world, who accompanies me through thousands of mountains and rivers and experiences the joys and sorrows of different characters. We all end up in an ethereal dream.



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Even though I've got tiny eyes, I am still so confident that I am different from others who did their homework correctly and get merit in their score in appearance. Pity, I still hold exam papers in the stereotypical dream, please ignore them.

Reading through books, I am in another different world, even if it is the world 1984 or 1Q84 describes, it is different from where I was. Here I abstract those emotional moments to my spiritual deer, considering we are the same party. 


My spiritual deer can be in any form, realistic shape or abstract square form, it all depends on how I read and act in the fiction I've read.

Deer and me.png

No one can truly understand a young girl in her adolescence and all of her relatives are on the other side of her, blaming her for her addiction.

There is actually no answer to that period, and time tells the fact that the girl still holding her naive dreams of staying with the deer she manipulated and dropping into another dream.

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