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Zoey is a China-based illustrator and graphic designer. She has just finished her MA in illustration and visual media course study at the London College of Communication.

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My parents named me Zhou Yi, the same name as The Book of Changes in the five classics of Chinese literature. The Book of Changes is considered to be a book in which the Chinese people recorded their life experiences with abstract symbols in ancient times, analyzed principles with the change theory of Yin and Yang, and tried to explain phenomena in the universe through the pattern of divination.


I grew up with the name and the revelatory mindset of the book. As an artist, my drawing practice and style are influenced by my name. Subconsciously, I habitually record beautiful moments with abstract symbols and graphics and focus most of my practice on the connection between nature and human beings. Mountain and water become a substantive metaphor for connecting abstract concepts in space. In creating the process, I focus on the potential balance between each element, challenging the balance between narrative and expressiveness.

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